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K&N Air Filter for 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-12 by JMK1100 (JMK1000); 461 views.
JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Hi Guys,

I got my bike 2.5 months ago(14 years old, looking and performing like new 2007 yamaha v-star 1100 classic).  After the mechanic inspection (when I got it), I replace some replaceable things to be sure when and what was installed and how it looks.  Supposedly the las tune-up was half a year (500 miles) before I got it.  But,  no written records of it - so I do not need to trust it).

Yesterday I replaced the air filter for a new Yamaha filter.  I checked the housing, no oil residue, clean).  I noticed that the old filter was the YA-199 K&N Replacement Air Filter, which is nicely built and - washable (to last 'forever').  They also sell the cleaner and the oil for the cleaning/oiling of the filter after the wash.

*** So, my questions are: 
Do many of the Star 1100 riders use such filters?
Do you wash them, and if so, how? How many times do you re-use them, if at all? 
Do they really perform better than the original? (Original filter looks like made of paper, whereas K&N is a cotton gauze - which is better).
And, if you reuse it, how do you oil it (and is it necessary at all)?

I hope that you will address that. I would appreciate if you did.


From: OldAFVetProf


I love K&N filters. First thing I did when I bought this bike (besides fix a turn signal). Instructions in the box and on the bottle of oil are very clear. Just make sure you don't over oil (should not be dripping). Good luck. 


From: lebdjtim


Any auto parts store will sell the K&N recharge kit.  The cleaner and oil are both in the box as well as detailed instructions on how to use it.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Replacing the stock filter with a K&N won't give any performance gains. If you are looking for cheap HP go with PODS. It's all in the wKB.

JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


No, I am not looking for anything like that.  
I asked the questions precisely and so far, to my surprise, no one answered them.

I appreciate other information, but I would be happy to have some answers, as to how many times can you reuse the K&M filters and if it works - meaning provides the air the way it suppose to, and not obstructs it.

Since I have the K&N filter, looking new, I want to use it.  i do not want to mess up with the amount of air - it can lead to changing the mixture, and I am pretty happy with the carb working as it does now.

If I wanted more HP, I would buy different bike.  It's my first bike, and ~50HP is plenty for me.



From: yama_hammer


Put the K&N Replacement Filter in when that stock paper one gets dirty. No jetting changes needed they both flow about the same amount of air in the restricted convoluted reverse intake of stock air assembly. You can clean it annually and not have to buy another filter for 50-100kmi.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Like mentioned earlier, buy a recharge kit and follow the instructions and it should last a lifetime. Just be careful not to over oil and make a mess.