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V * 1100 fuel pumps   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-21 by crazeeharry; 405 views.

From: crazeeharry


Hi All,

my fuel pump OEM started to leak on my 2002 V * 1100, right as I was leaving town on Veterans Day last year.

I replaced it with a "Quantum" aftermarket pump, that has started giving trouble when hot! So I now want to replace it with the OEM pump from Yamaha.

a 2004 - 2009 pump runs $122.00 , best price I've found. (Yamaha Parts Nation)

a 1999 - 2003 pump runs $220.00 , ( also at Yamaha Parts Nation.)

My question:

Is there a difference? ...  If so is it because of the later model's catalytic converter?

Can I use the 2004 - 2009 OEM pump on a 2002 bike? 

Thanks all.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

No difference that I know of .....


From: Zonker1972


i belive cats started in 2006, 2005 for CA bikes. so i don't think that's the reason.


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From: crazeeharry


Hi guys,

I need help... ( nothing new there LOL... )

There is a used fuel pump OEM on eBay, but it is off of a 2004 V* for $50. Will it work on an 02' ?

But Yamaha parts sites have two listings 1999- 2003 and 2004 - 2009 with a hundred dollar difference in cost. ( 04' and up are cheaper!  Hmmmm! 

Does  anyone know what the difference  is? 

If anyone knows if or what are the compatibility issues between earlier and later fuel pumps are I'd love to know. I've been digging on line and can find nothing. Aftermarket (Chinese junk) is 1999-2009 one item number.


From: crazeeharry


Thank you Mick, appreciated,

be well my friend.


From: crazeeharry


Thanks Zonker,

the aftermarket ones do not change and the only reason I could think of for Yamaha to have different numbers and prices is the CAT, but I doubted that was the reason...(like an extra wire to shut off the pump on decelerations.....

I will probably go with the cheaper 2004 up pump OEM straight from MamaYama and post the results here.