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Starter clutch   General Discussion

Started Sep-29 by Justmessingaround (terry1978); 396 views.

Looking to replace starter clutch is there any good options besides OEM your experience is appreciate 


From: crazeeharry


Sadly no!

The eBay advertised Chinese copies are JUNK!  

You will need the OEM Yamaha upgraded parts (kit) and a flywheel puller, all other information is in the Wiki knowledge base. I did mine in 2017 with no further issues.


From: Texpatriat


Just make sure you really need it. I was ready to do mine two years ago but after disassembling my oem starter, cleaning out all the gook and lightly lubricating the moving parts I have had no further issues. Time spent; about 90 minits. Money spent; none. It's worth checking out.

Starter disassembled completely and cleaned re-greased helped a bit turns over quicker still slips a bit on cold starts after it’s been run starts flawlessly The rest of the day starter cables and battery terminal ends cleaned as well has the chatter When shut down just thinking it’s on its way out. Is it normal to make a little bit of a whirl noise kind of sounds like it slips Motor slows down for a second when it’s cold first start of the day I mean .Oh and The mechanic at this steelership said starter interlock system very noisy starter clutch week needs attention trying to get the bike to pass inspection failed from this bike has never ever failed to start weird safety issue alberta

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From: crazeeharry


When the starter clutch fails, the starter turns but the motor does not, this means the one way bearing is done. It won't Start later in the day, first bad sign is a nasty Clunk sound on shutting the bike off most every time.