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tail light wiring (2007 Star 1100 Classic) - adding more stop/pos light   Technical-Bikes

Started Nov-5 by JMK1100 (JMK1000); 292 views.
JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Hi Group,

I have replaced the bulb in the tail light by the LED array.  But now (since it takes less power of course) I would like to add some additional position/stop lights.
I figured out that the housing under the license plate (in the picture) contains the wires I can tap in.  But there are a few harnesses in it.  The most 'suspect' harness has 3 wires: black, blue, and yellow).  I tapped into them, however I couldn't figure out which works as a base, which is for pos. and which is stop.

Anybody could help me with that?

I made already a light bar (with 2 lights) which can mount on the License Plate bracket - just to connect it to the taps.

Can anybody help me? 


From: Zonker1972


if those are the stock wires. black is negative, yellow is brake and blue is running .


JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Thanks a lot.  Yes, they are stock wires. I was suspecting that, but it didn't want to work.  I must have tapped not precisely, and there was no connection.  

The weak tail light (with the normal bulb) was a real concern to me.  Especially that more and more cars and bikes have brighter and brighter lights.  If your lights are overwhelmed by others' on the road - you're not visible - and that is dangerous - especially on a dense packed highways at night.