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Is she done?   Technical-Bikes

Started Apr-27 by SwaMan (swa3); 1198 views.
SwaMan (swa3)

From: SwaMan (swa3)


Hi Mick!

Sorry to be such a pain in the @ss, but mine's been kicked for months now, and I'm almost there, but the seasons getting shorter and I haven't ridden further than around the block yet!

The carb situation has me baffled, but I think I'm creating more problems than I'm clearing up.

The bike RUNS now, and quite smoothly when underway. The problem is, at idle she pops from the front cylinder, idels down after a couple of minutes then eventually stalls out unless I have just a touch of choke going on.

I can't sync the carbs, because they are miles apart and crazy jumpy. Also, I am unsure (but guessing) that the PMS screws MUST be turned out the same # of turns? If I do that, the front cylinder stops firing. The rear carb is 2.5 turns out and with the front 3.25 out is when the bike runs the best. pretty smooth with minimal popping. Under throttle she's fine, but when I back off, she pops and gives me the feeling she wants to drop dead and toss me over the bars.

The carbs have been cleaned "4" times (2 by me, 1 by (pros?rage) and again by me, the tank was flushed and the fuel pump and filter are new.

I realize this is an old ache, but I sure appreciate your help!!

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

The carbs MUST be synched. That's probably 90% of your problem. You can't set the PMS until they are synched. It's a very simple process. Do a bench synch to get them close....then a vacuum synch once the carbs are back on the bike. All the info you need to do it is in the KB.

ABE (spud116)

From: ABE (spud116)


SwaMan (swa3) said:

I can't sync the carbs, because they are miles apart and crazy jumpy.

Make sure you put pilot jets in the sync hoses, this dampens the "jumping" by limiting how fast

air can pass through the hoses.

I'll make your carbs right, if you are still having problems. Just mailed a pair back to NC, he had the same problems, he took it to a professional mechanic. LOL