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Harley Road king bags   General Discussion

Started May-5 by Zero Cool (luser17); 382 views.

It's been a long time since I've been on here, and the search feature kinda stinks not being able to go back more than a couple months.

Anyway, I recently got a pair of HD Road king leather bags, and was wondering if anyone has installed them, or know of a place that may give me an idea of how to. Thanks

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Bags are simple. Just use V Star mounts.....hold the bags up where you want them and make some holes where they bolt on. 

Zero Cool (luser17)

From: Zero Cool (luser17)


That's kinda what I was thinking also. I wasn't sure if I'd need to move the signals, but if I do I may look for a new setup for them.