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Runs at 1 /2 choke   Technical-Bikes

Started 5/11/22 by Poppy (R2LL2R); 1186 views.

From: DaveK1661


Have you drained the tank and filled it with fresh gas? I run at least 89 octane. Among all the other suggestions made here, you also might pull the plugs and see if they show signs of running lean, or rich. I doubt yours will be as clean as in this picture- but a white residue is often a sign you're running lean, in which case running at 1/2 choke would make the mixture richer.

Signs Of Your Engine Running Lean | Fiix

Poppy (R2LL2R)

From: Poppy (R2LL2R)


The plugs were black from too much fuel.

Fresh gas this spring. 

It has been suggested that a needle popped out. 

Going to take the tops off to see if one did.

Hopefully it's that simple. 

Thanks for your input, appreciate any help


From: Jekel


I find it is usually just easier to change the main and pilot jets every few years to avoid issues like this. Even with stabilizer and some seafoam each year. 

I just fired mine up after a couple years last night with clean carbs and it spit, sputtered for a few miles with all new and carb cleaner. Running much better after a few laps around the neighborhood:-)

Sure I thrilled the neighbors.