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2007 VStar 1100 Classic - drive shaft questions (possible problem) - problem con   Technical-Bikes

Started May-16 by JMK1100 (JMK1000); 220 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Hi Guys, again,

This 'story' hasn't ended.  As I mentioned earlier, when having the bike on a stand, with the rear wheel up, I noticed a vibration of the shaft (in the direction of the engine - opposite to the wheel).  I opened her up, took a borescope, and checked the joint - the images are included below in one of the messages (the ninth message).  Everything looks great.  But I started getting the 'numbing' vibrations at 55-up on a highway.  No additional noise, not any physical manifestations, just vibration.  

It's completely different, from how she behaved before.  I read the reports about vibration at the speed, but my bike 'sailed' smoothly.  Not now.  I do not feel the vibration with lower speeds, what would be consistent with the initial observance of the little vibration of the shaft, when I had her on a stand.  

The vibration doesn't change when I disengage clutch.  Engine goes down, the vibration stays - so it is related to the drive.

Please, advice what would be the next step to check.  

I do not have a garage.  So, i am limited to the work sessions which are not too long.  I use a friend's warehouse, but I have to vacate the place at the end of work day.  So, I need to know to expect before I open her up.

Thanks in advance.  I may face getting the bike to the mechanics, but I haven't found a metric mechanic which would be looking promising in the New York City.  

The initial thread with the images is at: https://forums.delphiforums.com/yamaha1100/messages/63334/1

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


You only need 1 thread so I'm closing this one.