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Jardine ORK Braided Lines   General Discussion

Started Jun-15 by 14StarTrix; 489 views.

From: 14StarTrix


Hi all. It’s been awhile, but I’m still kicking thanks to some great oncologists and other medical staff. Still riding our ‘01 1100 Classic, well, trying to...

Just changed the oil and filter. The braided lines from the Jardine ORK have begun to leak - and badly. They’ve lasted about 16 years or so, so good service there, but I cannot find replacements anywhere online.

Has anyone else had this experience? I would ask - 

1. How did you resolve this problem? Have some made? If so, what was the length of the lines and what sized nuts/ hardware was used?

2. I think that I can buy the Baron’s ORK lines. Will they fit without modifications? If not, what mods were needed?

Thanks in advance! Cheers from this near 69 year old riding fanatic

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From: 14StarTrix


Hi again. Well, I did some more looking around after scolding myself for not first going to the KB. There I found the reference to Phat, but in going to their website I could find no trace of ORK. 

So, I’m going to take the advice of one of the write ups there and go with lines of 5/16 diameter or 9mm if I can find that. I’ll search out someone local here on the Island, take them the parts that I remove and ask them for a cost and delivery time. If too much, and too long for delivery, I may just go back to the stock system. The writer suggested that if you’re not riding 20,000 per year, you are probably only changing (I use synthetic) oil once, maybe twice. Makes sense. 

So, 5hank you all for reading and considering what I am happy to share. 

Cheers, and keep the shiny side up!



From: Jekel


I have replaced my oil lines twice with automotive tranny hoses. Cut to length as you install with new clamps. Does the trick.

first replacement because I messed the hose up (punctured somehow).

Next time was just last week with engine removal and re-install. 

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From: 14StarTrix


Thanks! Went to a hydraulics hop and picked up some 5/16 and clamps and advice. We carried on further for another couple of hours and picked up the original engine covers and filter pieces. So now, if my ORK repair job doesn’t work, I can go back to stock.

Cheers guys. Happy Canada Day on the 1st, , and Happy Fourth of July to my American cousins and friends

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Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


I did something similar, and added some stainless steel braid that I took from a faucet connector hose I had kicking around. Held it in place with itty bitty hose clamps. Simple and purty :)