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Recommended Oil   Newbie Q&A

Started Jun-25 by CHRIS1037; 407 views.

From: CHRIS1037



I used the search function, but I must not know how to use it, because this HAS to be something that's been asked a million times before, but I can't find it.

In a HOT climate like Atlanta - What is the recommended oil for my Silverado?  I purchased my bike recently and am about to do my first oil change.  It has a relocation kit as well - Are the filters in these relocation kits standard, or do I just need to pull it and see what's in there?  I'd prefer to go buy my supplies and get it all done in one sitting.




From: Nimnorf2


Hey Chris, I'm afraid that there are a few too many relocation kits out there for our bikes....so, yeah, you're probably going to have to take off the old filter first and see what it is.  You will find that there are many different filters that are compatible, with what you have (so, you don't have to get the exact same one...just one that is listed as compatible...my apology if that is too obvious....I don't know you or how much you know).  Anyhow, when it comes to oil, you will find all sorts of opinions on these forums.  Some good people swear by this or that brand or type.  I've studied this a good bit over the years, have acquaintances in the industry and a brother in law who is a chemist for oil and gas additives.  If I were you, I'd just go with whatever is listed in your owner's manual.  I have a 2008 1100 classic, and it recommends 10W30 or 20W40.  You'll have a tough time finding 20W40 on the store shelves, but can usually find 10W40.  The manual recommends "Yamalube" which is, of course, marketed by Yamaha, is more expensive, and (as I've learned over the years) is likely the exact same motor oil as others bottled under different names.  The manual also says "or SAE 10W30 or SAE 20W40".  SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers.  Engineers, by their nature, are not given to opine on things, they are quite exacting and like their "facts".  If the bottle says SAE on it, you are good to go.  You don't want to pay more for oils that have "special" additives...I've read that they can affect our "wet clutch" system....I don't typically find those types of oil on the shelf anyway.  Best of luck to you, sir.


From: CHRIS1037


Thanks!  I completed the oil change a day or two ago.  I took the old filter to O'Reilly Auto .. I figured there was a pretty good chance the filter was one of the ones listed in the wiki under relocation kits.  Sure enough it's the K&N 303.  They didn't have the 303c - Chrome one in stock, but at least I know what to order now.

I also ended up using the 20w40 since here in Atlanta, it tends to get HOT, so figured that was probably a safe bet.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it!


From: Jekel


I use 20w50 Mobile 1 synthetic