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Carb jetting vs aftermarket exhaust   Technical-Bikes

Started Jul-22 by Dan (Kamikazedan); 364 views.
Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Hi all

I have read through the KB regarding rejetting carbs after various changes in intake and exhaust setup. I have gone with the Pacific Coast Curburners, and have not (yet) done any intake mods, mostly because carb jetting intimidates me, and also because the KB suggests rejetting is not needed if you only change the exhaust. 

Having said all that, the instructions talk about the removal of the flow-restricting cast iron elbow, and how the factory jetting sets the rear cylinder a touch leaner because of that restriction. Therefore, removal of the restriction requires the rear cylinder to be rejetted - they suggest the rear jet should now actually be a bit larger than the front, but they don't give specifics because they cannot know how an individual bike is set up. And, since I have a black ceramic coating, apparently it's susceptible to overheating and graying, and warranty does not yada yada yada. 

Frankly it sounds reasonable. I have lots of mechanical experience, but no experience rejetting carbs. Anyone have any sage words of advice? 

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Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


PS: PCS has been the worst online ordering experience of my life. Period. I like the look of the pipes, but it took three months to get them, and customer service was horrific. 

End of rant

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I hate to say it but the finish will go to crap quick and if you're lucky the welds won't break.

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Eep. Hate to hear it. Short pipes are in short supply for us. Well, there's always exhaust wrap.