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PMS screw tamper plug location   General Discussion

Started Jul-25 by PnutsC; 318 views.

From: PnutsC


I bought an 07 1100 that hadn't been ridden in like 8 yrs and only has 2000 miles so obviously hasn't been run much at all. It starts and runs but has to have choke to run. I'm a 68 yr old retiring mechanic. I've sold my business and working now 3 days a week for the young man I sold it too gradually working out/turning it over. I've worked on/rebuilt/replaced/upgraded drag raced carbs my entire life not to mention points etc. Don't like them tho I have 4 sitting up in my garage on antique autos. I'm a CMAT L1 certified auto technician ( I know they are different than motorcycles) and have owned/operated a very successful auto repair shop for 40 yrs. Owned and worked on Motorcycles in my youth.  Just some background, may be irrelevant.

I tore these carbs down. Ordered OE O rings and diaphragms at outrageous costs but I always like OE when working on Vehicles. They really weren't as dirty as I would've expected but I also wasn't the first to be there and the last person had reused the old o rings which were mostly all in bad shape. I put them together, did a "bench sync" with a needle, started the bike and it ran pretty much the same. I pushed it in the corner because I had other things to do and wasn't prepared for the cleaning not to work. I thought it was funny there was no idle air adjustment because I believe that's what they need and it was always a starting point (and finishing) when working on carbs. I've since researched and discovered there are adjustments (pms) under what was called "tamper plugs" in the latter years of automotive crabs. we always had to drill them out. All that for one question. can someone direct me to the plugs? I know they are brass but don't want to drill the wrong thing. I have pics.

Is it this one at the entrance?  Or this one? At the head by the TPS on the front carb.

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From: yama_hammer


Not even close, they are at the bottom of the carbs.


Now click on the link Wikki Knowledge base under VStar Riders Banner, move cursor to top right click on "wKB" etc, then click tuning and finally Pilot Mixture Screws. Now go read the Wiki base extensive and it'll tell you everything to know about a V-Star1100.


From: PnutsC


Thanks man! I swear, I spent a lot of time on that site and that page even, just never opened that last page I guess. There was a link in another forum that led to an article from this site where I eventually joined. I did jump around a bit as I would find several interesting articles and was interrupted a few times. I may just go ahead and order the updated screws first. Thanks again.

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From: 4Strokes


If it won't run without choke your pilot jets are likely clogged.