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Chasing Dragons - I think   General Discussion

Started Oct-25 by Krankster07; 426 views.

From: Krankster07


VStar gurus - Still chasing my tail with the bike and have some intel, if anyone can help point in the right direction:

Carbs are sync'd, thought they were adjusted but probably not :(

1) Back carb doesn't provide fuel with the choke in; front cylinder fires off right away, back doesn't until almost "unchoked"... when started the bike, front cylinder head showed increase in temp but back did not initially.

2) once warmed up, went for a spin.  Some popping from under the tank, not much backfire.   on return home the front manifold showed a temp of around 275 F  while the back was a toasty 450F.     Running lean ?

trying to learn this carb stuff, Clymer manual OK but need some experience to dial up the fix.

Any help is appreciated!

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

I'd look for a vacuum leak and check the pilot jet side holes. They can plug.

Remove, & clean the carbs. Read the Wiki

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: Krankster07


Thank you both for a starting point.   Will look at the leaks and plug first, seems the simplest place to start.  the removal and cleaning looks like a snowy day kind of thing here in the northeast right now.

Appreciate the response.