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Baron ORK   General Discussion

Started Jan-7 by Texpatriat; 644 views.

From: Texpatriat


So I'm considering an ork. It looks like all that is available these days is Baron's. That's probably OK.

Question is this; All the listings say "#8 lines for ideal oil delivery equal to or exceeding factory specifications". First of all there is no factory spec for this application. When they say #8 are they trying to say 8mm (m8) or are they just trying to obfuscate? Or is this some hitherto unknown measuring system?

Thanks for any input.


From: Texpatriat


Yes I have. That's why I'm concerned about what "#8 lines" means. I suspect they mean to say 8mm which is around 5/16" and should be OK. The info in the wiki is quite informative and valuable but a bit out of date with regard to what is currently on the market.

I went ahead and ordered one. I'll measure the ID of the lines and if I don't like what I see send it back. I'll post my findings in case anyone else wonders what #8 is.

In any case I don't see how they could meet or exceed manufacturers specs when there is no such thing.

Thank's for the reply

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


The 1100 I recently purchased has what I believe to be a Jardine ORK. Not something I would purchase but since it's there I'll keep it. If I keep the bike and start modding I'll cover it with a chin scoop


From: Texpatriat


Package arrived already, less than 2 days. I don't think I want to take it apart till I'm ready to install in march but outside diameter of the braided lines is just over 10mm. So ID should be at least 1/4 if not 5/16.


From: gradie55


there is no issue with the stock oil lines ... I've been running 70,000 on them stock and semi modified, and fully modified  @ 8000 RPM 38 lbs psi .. where the issue is .. how low you go with rpms 900 @ 3lbs on my gauge .. 1000 @ 10lbs..