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Getting back to the 1100 V Star.   General Discussion

Started 1/31/23 by KevinMSmith1; 2634 views.
Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I would have the owner start it and see if they use the throttle. If so run!


From: PnutsC


Something I think should be added to that based on observations of one bike and less than a year is battery/cranking condition. My bike needs a new battery. I’ll put one on it. Once it’s started and runs a while it cranks fine. But 1st crank is slow, especially if it isn’t ran every day. It usually starts but barely and sometimes kicks back against the starter. We’ve been having a warm day or two a month so I don’t even try anymore just put the booster on it when it’s cold. I’ll buy a new battery which of course is the real problem. Kinda waiting on Optima to come out but don’t look like it’s happening in time. Long story to say make sure your cranking power is good so the starter stays engaged. This may me damaging as many as the throttle. 


From: isitmondayet


Donn is right... only need to touch the start button, anything more is a bad thing. 

I would not want a stock: 1) Seats,  2) shock absorber, 3) stock handlebars (no risers or cables that are too short/tight) , or 4) headlamp.

I'm sure I'm missing something(s) but these would be top of my list. Otherwise I'd have to upgrade and I'm not doing that again. ; ))


From: tmorrow1953


I just happen to have an 1100 V-Star that I will be selling. I do not know which model it is. I was told when I bought it that the motor he just put in it was out of a wreck and had about 1500 miles on it. I have put less than 100 on it since I got it. It is dressed with bags and a trunk that I put on it. All black. Tim B. just rebuilt the carbs for me. (see below...this is why I sent them to Tim....to make sure it was not the carbs)

I will tell you....I am selling it because I am at my witts end trying to get it to stop fouling plugs. I have done everything I know, and most of what the guys on here have suggested, and it still fouls both plugs in about 2-3 miles or so. Pull them and clean them.....fires right up and start all over. 

If you are more savy than I am, and can figure out the (I'm sure) simple thing that is causing this, it will be a good bike. I will take $1500.00.


Blocked crankcase vent (this would be common to both cylinders), bad oil rings.

Rings?  You never know who was in there before you and botched things up.


From: tmorrow1953


Don't know if these will give any insight or not, but......plug pics and a short video of the exhaust

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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Have you done a compression test?


From: PnutsC


As Mick said and also have you checked timing? I have read some of your past posts but don’t remember if this was covered.