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Starter Relay?   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-6 by pagomichaelh (MichaelHomsa); 348 views.

I hate intermittent problems.

I think my starter relay is going south.  Full charge on the batt, bright headlights, hit the starter button, 50% of the time, fires right off.  The rest of the time, I just get a click from the relay.

Mash it another 1-10 times, starter kicks in full force, and fires off right off.

Because of the drama of getting parts here, before I order off for another, anyone else seen this issue and can confirm?  If something would just outright die, this would be a lot easier! :)

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Have you checked the battery ground at the lower right side of the motor for corrosion?


From: Fireteacher


When trying to start the bike, is the relay “clicking” when the starter is not turning over?  If it’s clicking each and every time, it’s highly unlikely it’s the relay.

When the starter is not turning over, try jumping across the two main contacts on the relay and see if you get anything from the starter.

Checking the ground, as suggested, a rather common area for a problem, it’s not just a visual check; be sure to remove the cable and look for proper metal to metal contact, free of corrosion, between the cable and the chassis.

Also, have you load tested the battery, rather than just the surface voltage reading that you might only be seeing?

After further troubleshooting, you should be able zero in on the source of your issue.

Goo luck!


From: SebastianGER



it seems there is not enough power arriving at the starter.

1) first try would be to use another battery for starting, just connect + to + and - to - with a car battery

Then you can be sure it is not the battery

2) next one to try would be cable or connection issues: I had an issue where the cable was rotten inside and not able to transfer enough power. Try using another cable for going to the starter or ground and also make sure connections are free of dirt or grease and tight.