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Needle Jet spring   General Discussion

Started Sep-9 by Cneiner; 723 views.

From: Cneiner


Yamaha doesn't sell this as a individual part.  Anybody got one or know an alternative?  As in one of you guys find a spring on some other common household or garage gadget that has a spring that works??  Do you have a link to a spring on McMaster Carr or some other site?  I would rather not spend 30 bucks for the whole kit when all I need is one spring.    

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From: Cneiner


Here is an attachment with a bigger picture.


From: Texpatriat


If you only need one you must have the other. Perhaps you could measure lenght, diameter and wire thickness and check with McMaster. If you find it buy two so they match.


From: Cneiner


He brought it to me because it wouldn't start.  I fixed the starer and got it started but it was running really rough so I got into the carbs,  One carb has the spring and the other does not. A pilot jet was plugged so in checking the rest I discovered a missing spring.  

I thought somebody around here might have a good "hack".  

Yamaha knows what parts fail on these carbs.  They also know which little springs pop out of the carbs and are lost forever so with that knowledge they sell those critical little parts in a $30-40 kit that contains the spring, but the rest of the parts you will probably never use.  They know!!

Can't buy that oring for the float needle seat by itself either.  I was able to find one and it's not leaking, but it was not a "perfect" fit.  I will deal with that issue if it ever becomes an issue.  


From: Cneiner


Hey man...?  I need the springs and do you have any Thumb Screws for the PMS left?  I bought some throttle and clutch cables from you for ape hangers.  That had to be over 10 years ago.  Good to see you are still on here keeping an eye on the posts.    

And while I am thinking I could use some screws for the top of the carb.  See  pitcure below.  

The screws on this carb bike were stripped out.  Had o to use vice grips.   If you have hex key bolts that would be great.  I would be happy to take the screws for the carb top slide assembly, the PMS thumb screws (if you have any) and the needle springs  The tiny springs.  .  

One each #15 and three each #34

1 each   #15    98507-05016-00
3 each   #34    4KM-14216-00-00


Cneiner said:


$78 shipped, PMS thumbscrews, tiny needle spring & the 4 carb screws.


From: Cneiner


Deal.  It's been a long time.  How do you want to do the transaction?  Last time we did Paypal, but that's been a long time ago.