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It's an 02 Vstar, what can go wrong?   New Member Introductions

Started Oct-1 by Wiggles43; 352 views.

From: Wiggles43


How's everyone doing?

Yep, I'm new, but I like two wheels and I love my bike. More complicated than marriage at half the price. 

I am working on pushing my learning on my bike, sadly I'm also a scared man when it comes to a new field of don't f××× it up. 

ABE (spud116)

From: ABE (spud116)


Welcome, It's a good solid machine. 1st, click on The V Star 1100 Wiki Knowledge Base at the top of the page and read the new owners section. Lots of great info on there about these too. I put 151,000 miles on an 01 and my wife put 45,000 on an 02. The most common big issue is the starter clutch going bad. Can be prevented by using the proper starting method. I had a Reg/Rec go bad once but only after 80,000 miles. I olso put 39,000 miles on an 05 but no longer have any of them. Moved up to a RoadStar. I do miss the 1100 though.


From: SebastianGER


Fortnine on youtube

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