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Started 10/24/14 by 18Apes; 10929 views.

From: Timna


Thanks for posting this Steve! I have a Vstar 1100 Classic (2005) and I just had the relay for my pump go and the dealership said it would take a couple months to get in (in the middle of riding season!!). Seriously thinking of just swapping it and saving any future hassles with the pump/relay (plus saving me a few bucks!). 

Question though, did you end up keeping the filter in the same location as before or did you relocate it? It's right under the seat on mine and I'm wondering if I could just leave it there? Other than rerouting and trimming your fuel lines, are there any adjustments that have to be made to the carb/airflow system etc.?

Thanks for your info! This has been an immense help already!

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Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


You do realize that post is from 2014? I haven't seen Steve around here in years. He eventually found out that when the fuel level dropped there was fuel starvation in the corners.