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O-ribg removal mikuni carbs   Tuning&Exhaust:04cal/06 up

Started 10/1/20 by seabird1974; 1014 views.

From: RCCola45


I don't recall the entire story here but if you had been using gas with that crap ethanol in it and the bike has been sitting for while ... I have seen carbs all gunked up from that.   

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Depends on where the O ring came from. If it was one of those cheap Ebay kits, that can happen. I've never had an O ring issue in the 15 years I've had my bike and have never run anything but ethanol fuel. My bike will even sit a month or 2 sometimes......but I always use Sta-Bil in the fuel before.

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From: seabird1974


O-rings removed and carbs installed again. Bike runs but after a start and quick stationary checked in the intakes of my carbs and there is fuel sitting under my filter. (only at front filter/rear cylinder) 

I am assuming that is not good. 

Or should I not check until synced and all

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From: seabird1974


Or is this just the result for being on the kick stand and leaning towards that carb/filter? 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

It's normal for a little fuel to collect there. Synch the carbs and go for a ride.


From: seabird1974


Thank you for that answer. Was afraid something was wrong with the floats or something. When is the amount too much? I had never checked the elbows for fuel before so for me fuel in the inlet seemed like a problem


From: Hally1962


Mine do it on number 1 cylinder , it dont cause me a problem  but im tempted to put a compression  tester on it just to make sure the inlet valve is seating correctly 


From: seabird1974


Yes, for me also it is the number 1 cylinder. I figured it might be due to the lean angle on the stand but will investigate some more. 

Ordered a 1L fuel tank so I don't have to constantly install/remove gastank for testing.

I swapped out the float needle and O-ring just in case and will keep everyone posted once I figured it out