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Handlebars Heights   General Discussion

Started Mar-14 by Pierre3766; 284 views.

From: Pierre3766


So I was installing a new pod kit yesterday and after cleaning and re-jetting the carbs I was reinstalling when I broke one of the throttle cable connectors (threaded portion on the carb end broke in half).  Seems like another simple fix but I bought the bike second hand and I'm not sure if the cables are original length or not.

I know from the reading I've been doing that the original cables will work with 12 inch bars if you re-route but if I have to replace one (and I will do both to prevent having to tear it apart again soon) then I want to make sure I get the right length of replacements cables for the bar height I have. 

Can anyone tell me the height of the factory bars? And how they are measured? The bike is a 2000 1100 Classic.

I measured the height of my handle bars - they are 12inches center to center - by that I mean center of the lower horizontal portion to the center of the upper grip area. 

Any help is appreciated

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

It depends on how they fit now. If they are too short, go a little longer. Barnett can make them any length you want.


From: Pierre3766


Thanks Mick. I will see if a local dealer has anything in stock and just have to compare the length. If what I have is already 2" longer then I do not want to just order stock off a website and have issues with length. I guess the other option is just to order 2"+

Can you tell me though... do my bars sound like they are factory height? I don't know anyone else around here with a V-Star 1100 to compare to. 


From: RCCola45


Maybe take a picture of your bars ... someone should be able to tell if they are stock


From: Pierre3766


Gee, that would make sense LOL! I should have included that from the beginning.

These are the only two I could find on my phone. The bike is in the city at a friends workshop and I am at home