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Check engine light engine amber comes on but engine runs   General Discussion

Started Mar-15 by samuelcolman; 159 views.

From: samuelcolman


Hello ALL Keeping safe I hope

 and hoping someone can answer this question.

 I have a XVS 1100 2009 

I ride 10-20 miles, the amber engine light comes on & speedometer stops working. engine is running, sounds somewhat sick but runs. if I stop and shout the engine off. it will not start.. wait 15-20 minutes and it starts right up and no lights come on runs great

second time it happen i just keep on running and the engine sounded not so great,, not all the power but keeping running, then all things went back to  normal, engine running fine, no Check engine light. but before i got home... say 10  more minutes started the same problems again...

Any one have a Idea ?? I think it is some electric / computer Icu? PROBLEM but no codes 

I have checked the fuses I have a newish starter relay and everything else is original. 

Ignitor unit or the speed sensor going bad.? 

hoping one of you guys might help out, I never heard of a problem like this..

thank you. samc