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Popping on Decel, hesitation at WOT   Technical-Bikes

Started Jul-11 by Lucky (rpthoth); 366 views.

From: RCCola45


Couple of things ... both since its been a couple of years without it running.   1st and easiest would be to check for cracks in the rubber nibbles that you have covering the ports off of each intake.   I would guess you have rubber covers where you hooked up to do a carb synq.   Check them ... bend them a bit ... mine would dry out every couple of years.

2.  Remove carb and check your pilot and main jets.   The pilot has 3 holes to check and main has one.   Run a small wire thru each and use magnifying glass.   


From: Zonker1972


i just did mine. it's pretty straight forward. follow the kb and you should be alright. i'd also change the bushings while your in there.


Lucky (rpthoth)

From: Lucky (rpthoth)


I will check those. Just had the rubber fittings off for the carb sync. One was hella tight and one popped off kinda easy. Maybe I’ll put a new one on there. I’ll end up checking everything like the carb boots and all for leaks. I was able to tighten one bolt on the rear exhaust but only like 1/4 turn if that. I am not looking forward to taking the carbs out, it’s always a pain. 

So I’ve had this carb setup since 2009 and it’s run great but I haven’t cleaned the carbs in a while.