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Started Oct-1 by xvbm; 309 views.

From: xvbm


G’day all, a thank you for the help on this forum, good one Sick Mick you have a valuable forum, I recommend the Wilbers suspension, been about a year no dramas and bike rides well, had a rectifier issue, bought a new one, but after removing the oversized electrical plugs I found under the glue that held everything in, it works perfectly. I will ask some questions in the right places soon. But a good question while I am here, whats with the front brakes, or am I just spoilt by riding a BMW for the last 20 yrs, so new mast/cyl kit, braided brake lines all around, the bolt wound in, and the lever still comes close to the bars, any upgrades or fixes. Cheers Gary

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From: crazeeharry


I find the v* over braked (If there is such a thing) with two , two piston disc's up front. 

Bleeding them is hard to do thoroughly  though, I tied my lever back with bungie cord then bungie'd an orbital sander on the bar to vibrate the lines, after about ten minutes all the tiny air bubbles rose into the master cylinder, done!

Firm brakes, lever pulls back only half way, rock solid feel.  YMMV

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Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Like Crazeeharry says..... those double lines up front are a bitch to get bled. If you have steel braided lines, it should be pretty close to rock hard on the lever. His method sounds like it would work pretty well. I wasn't that smart and just left a plastic baggie on the master cylinder for a day or two and jostled the front end every time I walked by.

Then I just removed the caliper and rotor on one side. No issues any more!