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Started Jan-9 by ChiefGunner; 616 views.

From: ChiefGunner


Hello everyone, ChiefGunner here. Yes, I’m retired Navy.

I have an issue here I need some help with.  My daughter got. 2005 V-Star Midnight Custom 1100.  The bike is in very good physical condition but has the lower timing chain gear damaged and missing teeth.  I thought it wouldn’t be too bad of a repair since I’m mechanically inclined, but it looks like that gear has to come out from the top after removing the cylinder head. And

in order to do that it looks like the engine has to be pulled!  Arrrgh!

Has anyone ever done one of these and is there an easier way?

I appreciate your help in advance.

Chief Gunner 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

I've never done it......but I'd suggest getting into the Knowledge Base....just click the link right under the forum name up top.

Welcome to the forum.....


From: Zonker1972


one good thing is that the right side front downtube is bolted to the rest of the frame. you can un-bolt it and remove the engine. i did remove my engine, i got a bit to enthusiastic while tightening down a bolt. when i removed mine i had a friend hold the bike on the poor man's bike lift, just a 2x6 with a pipe handle, while i gently dropped the engine onto a piece of solid core door that i had laying around.

it is a real pain but if you can get a friend to hold the bike you can get the engine out.

also, i kind of remember this helping. https://sites.google.com/site/vstar1100kb/home/repairs/engine-removal

good luck,


I suggest you sell it or replace the entire motor. That motor is SCREWED

Norm (NORM277)

From: Norm (NORM277)


I'm with TimB on this one,  Chances are good that those little bits of gear got in to places they shouldn't have and did some unseen damage.  You can likely get a decent complete running engine and just swap the whole thing.  These normally hold together incredibly well and this would be the first I've heard about one with this failure.