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Runs at 1 /2 choke   Technical-Bikes

Started May-11 by Poppy (R2LL2R); 967 views.
Poppy (R2LL2R)

From: Poppy (R2LL2R)


My 06 custom with 77,000 km will run best at 1/2 choke.

The carb was taken out and the jets ports were all cleaned, the floats seem OK.

I've tried spraying quality carb cleaners while running and ran some through the gas as well.

Any ideas?

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Tell us more....what size jets.....what intake etc.

Poppy (R2LL2R)

From: Poppy (R2LL2R)


I didn't mention that I've been running the set up for 8 years with no issues. 

I put on custom pipes then and rejeted the carbs.

I didn't do the work but the point is it ran great for years.

I store it with stabblizer each winter. This year I have the issues. 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Stabilizer isn't a cure-all. Probably a clogged side hole in the pilots.


From: dane1234


Okay, no offense, but have you 1) checked your air filter and 2) checked your fuel filter?  I was having backfiring issues on my 2003 1100 cc Silverado with 65K miles, and was thinking about scheduling a visit to my local Yamaha dealer, but thankfully decided to check last time I had replaced air filter and fuel filter.  It had been awhile.  Replaced both.  Problem solved.  So, check basics first (blush).

Poppy (R2LL2R)

From: Poppy (R2LL2R)


None taken.

I have a hyper charger with a K&N filter which I recently cleaned and retooled.

I haven't changed the fuel filter so that I will do.

I think  the carbs are the source of my issue.

Thanks for the input.

All suggestions are welcome. 


From: DaveK1661


Have you drained the tank and filled it with fresh gas? I run at least 89 octane. Among all the other suggestions made here, you also might pull the plugs and see if they show signs of running lean, or rich. I doubt yours will be as clean as in this picture- but a white residue is often a sign you're running lean, in which case running at 1/2 choke would make the mixture richer.

Signs Of Your Engine Running Lean | Fiix

Poppy (R2LL2R)

From: Poppy (R2LL2R)


The plugs were black from too much fuel.

Fresh gas this spring. 

It has been suggested that a needle popped out. 

Going to take the tops off to see if one did.

Hopefully it's that simple. 

Thanks for your input, appreciate any help


From: Jekel


I find it is usually just easier to change the main and pilot jets every few years to avoid issues like this. Even with stabilizer and some seafoam each year. 

I just fired mine up after a couple years last night with clean carbs and it spit, sputtered for a few miles with all new and carb cleaner. Running much better after a few laps around the neighborhood:-)

Sure I thrilled the neighbors.