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Hello all   New Member Introductions

Started May-26 by DaveK1661; 238 views.

From: DaveK1661


I wanted to take a minute to say "hello". I feel like I was on this forum years ago, when I first bought my 2000 V-Star 1100 Classic, brand new from Razee Motorcycle In NK, RI. I've loved this bike for 22 years- every time I think about trading it in for a Harley or an Indian, I take it out for a ride and decide to keep it. I'm running Bub Big Willy pipes, K&N pods (no airbox), I did an air injection system delete so I have the power plant as close to bare necessities as I can, as far as I know. I've got lowering dog bones and bikini beach bars, some cool 3 spoke mags from Carolina Customs and Metzeler ME880's or something like that. I painted  the bike in HOK midnight blue pearl and I sit on a seat from Mustang, where my wife works. If things go as planned I'm gong to chop the rear fender bobber style (but I'm not cutting the frame, just the fender) and I'd like to put a small front fender as well, maybe from Blue Collar Bobbers, or I'll have a local metal shop fab one up for me. I don't have pictures on this computer, but I'll post some soon. I do a lot of my own wrench, and I have a local shop that's really good for the "mad scientist" tuning that's beyond my skillset and my tools. So "hi" all...