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Heel stirrups   General Discussion

Started Nov-7 by pagomichaelh (MichaelHomsa); 363 views.

Any feedback on pegs with extendable heel stirrups?

Here's one example, but there are others out there https://www.kuryakyn.com/products/429/iso-peg-stirrups

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


On my old 1100 my heels rested on the floorboards when using the hiway pegs.

I can't use highway pegs because one of the sidecar struts are in the way, just wanted to know if they're $200 junk that will fall apart at the first pothole, and are an alternative to floorboards.

Here's the rig: https://youtu.be/tM3HY92Qjtg

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I've had good luck with Kurakyn products.

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Only one day's experience with these, on a buddy's HD chopper. I find a long day's ride with my feet on my highway pegs causes minor muscle strain as my feet keep wanting to bend upwards. These little heel rests made his pegs as comfy as my floorboards. I could just never justify the cost. 


Yeah, I'm a little taken aback by the cost - $200 complete buys a lot of beer to numb the pain! grin