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An early look at the next generation of Delphi.

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Delphi has some of the best tools for moderating and managing online communities, but the UI has fallen way out of date. Recent posts have referred to Delphi as "decidedly web 1.0" and "looking like GeoCities". And they're right. It's gotten to the point where it's essential that we evolve to meet the expectations of the broader market. We've been working through a major overhaul over the past few months and will be relaunching with this new format.

Thanks for checking in from time to time to help us test it out. We understand that for long-term users, it will be a shock at first. Change is never easy. We ask that you take a deep breath and try to imagine the reaction that a first-time user will have visiting your favorite forums with this new interface. We think it will be positive. We've also invested a great deal of time making this interface "responsive" so it can be used on any device including a tablet and phone. With the dramatic growth in tablet and mobile use, we simply have to make this a priority.

Although it's 15 years since the Mass High Tech article was written, we still believe strongly that Delphi's future is in forums. We appreciate your support and assistance as we go through this major transformation.


Here's a graphic to help you get your bearings. You can see this Welcome page again at any time by clicking the link in the right column.  





For other helpful instructions be sure to see Kidmagnet's "Zeta Maps"



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